Why You Should Buy A Custom Bespoke Tailored Suit Online

Should you buy a custom bespoke tailored suit online?

Everyone is aware that a custom made suit trumps an off-the-rack suit in countless ways. From the fit to the material to the confidence it provides while wearing, custom suits are simply more.

However, the cost of purchasing a made-to-measure suit often puts people off. Is it really worth the investment?

The short answer is yes. The slightly longer answer is it depends on which tailor you choose to craft this fine piece of clothing. It is not just the potential cost which puts some people off buying a suit designed just for them. It is also the whole experience of going to the tailor shop, getting measured, feeling pressured into choosing a style on the spot etc.

Discovering a way to purchase a bespoke suit without breaking the bank or facing high levels of anxiety used to be impossible. Until now.

Vannoten Tailors recently launched a complete online ordering system which allows men from anywhere in the world to carefully choose a design and fabric in their own time, measure themselves by following simple steps, and order a custom made suit online for delivery directly to their doorstep.

This innovation brings one of the highest rated tailors in Thailand to the doorstep of millions of gentlemen worldwide. With prices competing with those of standard off-the-shelf suits and a simple ordering process, buying a custom bespoke tailored suit online has never been easier.


The first consideration most people make when purchasing something online is the price. Does it offer value? Vannoten Tailors is operated completely in Thailand with its own factory, ensuring every made-to-measure suit is crafted on-site and allowing the number one tailor in Patong to offer incredible value on every order.

The fabrics are separated into four tiers; silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Each tier offers increasing fabric quality with prices starting at just 4,000 Thai Baht for a bespoke suit from the silver tier. This is the equivalent price of a standard off-the-rack suit with little quality from your local department store.


Another important consideration when ordering a custom suit online is ensuring the measurements are correct. Part of the process when visiting a tailors is the ability to be measured expertly by the in-store tailor. While this is of course the best route to go, it is possible to discover your own measurements without leaving your house.

Using just a measuring tape, anyone can follow the complete measuring guide published on Vannoten Tailors to gain accurate and simple measurements which will ensure any suit order will fit perfectly and feel incredible.


Finally, the process can put some people off ordering a custom suit online. If the process is complicated and difficult it can seem not worth it and pointless. However, once again Vannoten Tailors has become an innovator with a logical order form that displays all of the information needed when ordering online.

After an order is submitted, the master tailor contacts you directly to confirm all of the information before crafting the suit and shipping it to your doorstep within a few days.

There were days when people would fly to Thailand for a “suit holiday”, visiting the Kingdom for the sole purpose of purchasing custom-made suits from the famous tailor stores. However, today gentlemen worldwide can order bespoke suits as they please with direct delivery to anywhere worldwide.

The question is not why should you buy a custom bespoke tailor suit online, it is why shouldn’t you?

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