How To Measure Yourself When Ordering A Suit Online

Make sure you get your measurements right when ordering a suit online. 

Most people these days love to shop online. However, when it comes to ordering a custom-made suit online, people often get confused with the measurements. You may be shocked to know that there is no need to run to the tailor every time! You can do some basic measurements at home by spending only five minutes with a measuring tape.

Below we have highlighted a few essential details about how to measure yourself to order a suit online. Before going through the measurement guidelines, it is good to check these essential tips below to ensure accurate measurements.


Quick tips for accurate measurements:

You should maintain a normal posture during measurements.

Avoid holding your stomach and do not flex your muscles.

Take out your belt and other items from pockets.

Measure by removing your shoes.

Prefer to wear a pair of dress pants during the measurements.

Appoint someone to measure for you.


Guidelines for obtaining your suit measurements:

After these quick tips, let us start with the detailed measurement guidelines to order online with Vannoten Tailors:


First of all, write down the measurements for the neck. You need to measure around the lower part of the neck; right below Adam’s apple to get an accurate measurement.

Chest Area

You have to place the measuring tape under your armpits and then record the measurement as per the fullest part of the chest. The measuring tap must go through the nipple line of the chest and make sure you do not pull it too tight.

Note that, the front chest measurement goes through the front part of the chest ranging from left armpit to the right armpit. Whereas, back width measurement follows the same technique on the back portion.


Prefer to measure one extreme end of one shoulder to the extreme end of another shoulder. The measurement must include the natural curvature of the back.

Note that, the shoulder ends where the vertical plane of arm intersects with the horizontal plane of the shoulder.


While measuring your arm, make sure you keep it straight and flat against the body. Start by measuring from the endpoint of the shoulder to the elbow and further to the base of the hand.

Experts advise keeping measurement one inch below the bone on the wrist. Wrist measurement must be done across wrist bone.


In order to measure the stomach, place the measuring tape right below the rib cage or below the belly button. Wrap the tape around the stomach without sucking in your tummy. 

jacket length

The jacket length must be measured right from the base point of your neck to the first thumb knuckle. The general rule says that your jacket must be long enough to cover the buttock area.

pant waistband

The waistband must be measured from the part where you usually prefer to wear dress pants. While doing this measurement, don’t hold your breath tight. Furthermore, the hip measurement goes through the widest part of the hip.


This measurement must be done through the fullest portion of the thigh; right below the crotch area. You may also need to measure the crotch; for this consider measuring from the top of the waistband to the back portion of the waistband top.

pant length

Remove your shoes and then measure the length of your pant right from the top of the waistband to the floor. For proper fitting, also prefer to measure the fullest part of your calf and knee.

Ordering a custom-made tailored suit online is easy when you can follow the simple measuring instructions laid out above. For more accurate measuring instructions with images, please see our measuring guide for gents and for ladies

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